Reach Your Visitors Across The Internet

Have you ever visited a website only to then frequently see ads featuring the brand across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and media websites? That is the result of remarketing, a powerful marketing tool that allows you to target website visitors. Remarketing is all about keeping your brand at the forefront, increasing returning traffic, and transforming interest into sales. Only 2% of users convert the first time they visit a website, showing how important an opportunity remarketing is to enhance the customer journey. Offering huge brand exposure for a low cost, remarketing is highly effective for growing new business.

Remarketing Creatives That Drive Clicks

Targeting website visitors is just the first stage of a successful remarketing strategy. Users will only click through to your site if ads are vibrant, engaging and impactful, and represent a brand that they recognise. Our team has delivered hundreds of designs for marketing banners; we know what visuals work best. Using our experience to guide us, we will craft punchy marketing copy, choose a compelling call to action, and design artwork that attracts attention. We apply a measure, optimise, measure methodology to continually update banner and ad creatives, improving click-through and conversion rates over time.

Types of Remarketing We Offer

Google Display Network

The Google Display Network is an advertising format in Google Ads that spans thousands of websites, plus YouTube and Gmail. We use this platform to achieve almost limitless opportunities in engaging your customers.

Facebook Remarketing

As the largest social platform on the internet, Facebook is highly effective for attracting new business. We display remarketing ads to users as they scroll through their newsfeed, allowing us to re-engage potential customers based on data collected by the Facebook pixel.

Instagram Remarketing

As Instagram focusses on exquisite visual content, the platform is very useful in capturing user attention. Remarketing ads are seamlessly mixed in with organic posts to generate relevant clicks from prospective customers.

Twitter Remarketing

We use the Twitter pixel to track website visitors and create retargeting audiences. The platform's in-feed advertising placement sits alongside organic content, allowing us to capture the attention of your audience effectively.

Why Activate?

Proven Track Record

Our results speak for themselves. We've generated thousands of enquiries for clients by utilising remarketing campaigns. Helping our clients achieve their commercial results is the top priority for us; our reputation depends on it.

Cost Effective

We know the main objective should be to achieve as much return on your marketing spend as possible. We will recommend highly cost-effective campaigns from day one, with the potential to scale up spend in line with positive results.

Creative and Data-Led Strategy

The Activate team uses a combination of creativity and data to produce exceptional ads and powerful targeting. We aim to achieve maximum exposure for brands with superb impression to click to conversion ratios, thereby delivering profitable remarketing campaigns.