Measure, Change, Measure

We aim to optimise your conversion rates by carefully analysing how users interact with your website or digital system. To measure how effectively your digital platform is performing, our team will look at where users focus their attention and the rate at which visitors convert to customers. We then focus on identifying improvements to critical elements of the user experience, and we will implement solutions, measure results and report on the outcome. Improvements pay dividends by delivering more effective results for months and years.

We Craft Intuitive User Experiences

The entire team at Activate possess a deep understanding of what it takes to provide an engaging and intuitive digital experience. By following users' thought processes to help guide us, we create easy-to-use functionality that delivers time after time. We help you achieve better results online, from stunning visuals that attract interest to seamless checkout processes optimised for sales. The ultimate objective for us is to ensure your users achieve what they set out to do on your platforms, allowing your online sales to grow.

Research to Prototype to Design

Our creative team starts every project by researching your target market, identifying existing trends and pinpointing essential improvements to make. We ask ourselves what do customers want and what is the best way we can give it to them. Using wireframes, we test out our ideas and preview how the customer journey would look. When we're satisfied that we will deliver a great user experience, we move onto the design phase of building a stunning user interface, allowing us to inject your brand's character alongside intuitive functionality.

Creating a Great User Journey

Before a user converts to a customer, they need to become aware, gain interest, reach desire, and take action. Our agency is committed to optimising websites accordingly to facilitate the user journey. We will optimise your website to gain awareness from high-quality traffic sources. We will showcase your products and services in an engaging way. We will convey how you can help the visitor achieve their goals. And finally, we will make it as easy as possible for visitors to turn into customers. It really is that simple.

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Why Activate?

Creative Excellence

Our creative team has worked for major brands and shown capability in delivering world-class digital UI and UX projects time after time. We have a reputation for creating modern, engaging and trendsetting work that stands the test of time.

Wide Industry Experience

Our experienced agency boasts a CRO & UX portfolio that spans industry sectors across the globe. We hold the expertise required to deliver exceptional solutions, and we love working with our clients to do just that. Let's get started...

Built For SEO

We build all of our website with SEO in mind. To use one of our favourite analogies, if a website is your car, SEO is the fuel. From content to performance and speed, we build websites that naturally succeed on search engines.

Ongoing Support

We view CRO & UX improvements as just one step on the journey to digital marketing success and business growth. Activate works with clients on an ongoing basis to attract targeted traffic and to ensure traffic seamlessly converts to new customers.