Specialist lead generation and digital agency.

We leverage lead generation and digital marketing to build business whilst providing full creative, development and digital support

What We Do

From stunning creative work to powerful lead generation campaigns we can assist with a wide range of digital requirements

About Activate Digital

Our dedicated team of experts works with clients in a broad range of industries to deliver market-leading results and innovative creative work


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Last updated 03-11-17

We are...

A unique digital agency that works with clients to drive business growth through online customer acquisition whilst providing industry-leading creative, development and support services.

We believe...

Our technology-driven approach is the best way to achieve excellence in the modern digital marketing landscape. We target key audiences via powerful paid social and search campaigns with intuitive marketing assets to deliver rapid business growth at fixed cost per acquisition rates.

We deliver...

Thousands of real-time leads from multiple countries to a diverse range of clients. We also deliver exceptional design work and dependable digital support services to hundreds of private and public sector organisations.

Our Lead Generation Process

We follow a proven methodology to launch highly effective campaigns in record time with exceptional return on investment

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Our account managers work with the client to define their key commercial objectives. They then map out the persona of the target audience to ensure high quality leads are generated.

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The creative team then works to design and build engaging online assets specifically for the target audience. The objective is to maximise the number of clicks that turn into leads.

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With the campaign targeting in place and online assets ready to go, we launch the campaign to the target audience which often consists of millions of people on a national or international scale.

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Our comprehensive online reporting technology provides up-to-date management data which helps our team achieve lead targets whilst ensuring leads are generated within the set cost parameters.