Secure More Repeat Business

One of the first things businesses learn is that it's far easier to sell products or services to an existing customer than to secure new ones. Email marketing is the best strategy you can use to gain recurring sales and keep your brand in customers' minds. Whether promoting offers, releasing business announcements, providing engaging content, or asking for feedback, effective email marketing is a great way to build your interaction with customers. On average, email marketing generates around £44 for every £1 spent, highlighting just how important it can be for your brand's ongoing marketing campaigns.

Inform, Educate and Delight Your Customer

Taking a compelling email marketing approach is not just about generating leads and making sales for your business. You must start by adding value to your audience, providing them with insightful information about a product or service, and guiding them along the buying journey. We believe in using a varied campaign strategy to engage your customers, alternating between campaigns focussed on content, brand, offers or engagement. Campaigns that prove to be the most successful are sent to people already interested in your brand, so it's crucial to maintain interest through dynamic email scheduling.

Stunning Email Creatives

Our creative team has years of experience delivering campaigns across several different industry sectors, from advertising consumer products to promoting aviation events. We have a superb working knowledge of what is required to create eye-catching and creatively engaging campaigns that delight customers, generate clicks and guarantee sales. Using our vast experience, industry research and best practices to guide us, we will help you achieve email marketing success through stunning creatives. Crafting highly effective email creatives is an art that we strive to perfect week after week.

Set, Schedule and Forget

When it comes to scheduling email campaigns, we adopt a robust approach. We will hold monthly planning calls with you and operate a highly sophisticated schedule to ensure your campaigns are delivered precisely on time. Our team is always on hand to conceptualise, plan and orchestrate effective strategies which are scheduled and optimised to perfection. We use a closed-loop approach to project management so that once planning is complete, all we require from you is sign off on the email creative; our team will take full control over your email marketing strategy.

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Why Activate?

Creative Excellence

Our creative team has worked for major brands and shown capability in delivering world-class email campaigns time after time. We have a reputation for creating modern, engaging and trendsetting work that stands the test of time.

Wide Industry Experience

Our experienced agency boasts an email campaign portfolio that spans industry sectors across the globe. We hold the expertise required to deliver exceptional campaigns, and we love working with our clients to do just that. Let's get started...

World Class Scheduling

A successful email strategy is only as strong as the scheduling and project management behind it. Our project managers ensure that all campaigns are executed entirely on time by planning and scheduling effectively.

Creative and Data-Led Strategy

We combine creative flair with data-driven insight to optimise every aspect of our campaigns, from subject lines and headlines to colour schemes and call to actions. This approach produces email campaigns that look amazing and deliver excellent results.