Global Stage is a 24/7 curated lifestyle streaming platform that is currently undergoing fundraising. The platform will bring exclusive celebrity content to the public via an unrivalled network of industry connections.

The Objective

Global Stage approached us to support the development of a brand new digital streaming platform. During the conceptualisation stage of the project, we were tasked with transforming a creative idea into reality. Our first objective was to create a slick new brand to underpin all digital assets. We then focused our attention on designing and building the platform alongside forging concept pitch decks to assist in the fundraising process. The work we conducted resulted in a unique and engaging streaming experience.

Web & UX/UI

The Platform

To formulate the project's design language and functionality, we began by thoroughly researching the global streaming market and examining big-name competitors. Our designers opted for a large-format adaptive grid to maximise the use of screen real estate and provide a superb browsing experience across all devices. Working alongside Global Stage's world-class talent acquisition team, we utilised high-profile celebrity images and press assets to create concept visuals. As the streaming platform will focus on offering vice-style content, we incorporated edgy image cut-outs and abstract shapes to help the service stand out against the competition.

Mobile-First Methodology

As a consumer-focused media platform, we recognised that the majority of engagement would come from mobile users. We designed the service with a mobile-first approach to ensure successful integration of all features and functionality across various devices. This approach was particularly challenging when conceiving functionality for a live comments system and mobile payment and registration processes.

Streamlined Functionality

Our primary goal was to design a simple and streamlined user experience that would encourage users to sign up and start watching content within minutes. We also wanted to ensure that the in-stream experience was highly engaging, which is why we constructed an easy-to-use live comments wall to allow fans to interact with one another. To communicate specific features to users, we created custom icons which we then implemented across all digital assets.

Rapid Project Prototyping

Due to a tight schedule for preparing the first concept drafts, we embraced a rapid prototyping approach to the project. We quickly established the layout and structure of the platform through a wireframing design process. Once we were satisfied that the user experience was intuitive enough, our design team produced a complete set of visuals. We were able to deliver the first round of concepts in a matter of weeks, fitting with the client's ambitious schedule.


Building Two Impactful Brands

We built two brands for the client, a primary brand for the Global Stage platform and a secondary brand for the premier event, Together We Stand. For Global Stage, we set out to craft a simple yet impactful logo that would communicate the startup's ambition to become a major international media platform. We utilised a contrasting electric blue as the brand's accent colour, which combined well with the platform's dark UI. The Together We Stand event was initially planned to support the Black Lives Matter social movement. We wanted to convey the strong message within the branding by incorporating well-established racial equality symbolism.

Pitch Deck

Communicating Global Stage's Mission

We worked closely with the client to produce PDF pitch decks that presented Global Stage's mission in a visually engaging format. The client wanted to tailor information to different stakeholders, so we assembled separate versions for industry talent, prospective funders and commercial partners. The pitch decks adopted the design language for the core platform and were optimised for file size to enable easy sharing across all communication channels.

The agency helped me to formulate a brand and conceptualised the new streaming platform, bringing it to life from my initial vision

I contacted Activate Digital with a vision to produce an exclusive lifestyle streaming platform, building on my international network of talent in the music, film and art space. The agency helped me to formulate a brand and conceptualised the new streaming platform, bringing it to life from my initial vision. The team at Activate also helped me prepare a media partner and venture capital pitch desk which was sent to record labels, fashion houses and talent across all around the world. The team has been an absolute pleasure to work with and it's been a thoroughly wild ride!

James Ormandy

Director, Global Stage

Bringing an ambitious concept to life in record time

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