Engage Your Customers Automatically

Chatbots have two crucial applications: automatically dealing with common enquiries and improving the flow of website visitors converting into leads or customers. Some questions, such as how long it will take for a product to arrive or how to cancel an order, can be answered immediately with a chatbot, keeping your customers engaged while freeing up resources. Chatbots are programmed to identify patterns in user queries so they can provide a pre-configured answer. These tools reduce the amount of time spent answering common questions while ensuring customers receive instantaneous support.

What We Do

We improve your customer support by helping you get the best out of chatbots. Our work starts by mapping out which queries the system can automatically handle. We then pinpoint the best type of answer to provide, whether an interactive response from the bot, a website link or a file download. If an immediate response is not possible, we will identify a solution that provokes the next best course of action, such as transferring to a live operator or requesting the user's contact details. We will test the chatbot to iron out all kinks before launching. Rest assured, your customers will receive the best level of support and engagement possible.

Types of Chatbot Setup We Offer

Customer Support Chatbots

This type of chatbot will automate your business’s customer service. We ensure that support bots are pre-loaded with frequently asked questions and emit a personality that fits your brand values.

Lead Generation Chatbots

Lead generation campaigns can be much more effective when the landing page incorporates a chat system. Sales chatbots can engage with your prospects, providing answers to their queries and nudging them towards converting from a lead into a customer.

Facebook Messenger Bots

We will ensure that you communicate with your customers within the world's biggest social networking platform, Facebook. Messenger bots provide powerful automation to assist customers looking for information through your page.

Why Activate?

Proven Track Record

Our results speak for themselves. We've helped clients to grow their business quickly through effective digital marketing campaigns and powerful online platforms. Helping our clients achieve their commercial results is the top priority for us; our reputation depends on it.

Cost Effective

We know that our clients want to get the best possible return when investing in technology and marketing solutions. We focus on delivering cost-effective solutions and significant revenue growth that far outweighs the initial setup cost.

Creative Strategy

Creativity is at the heart of everything we do, from automated chatbots with a personality to engaging visual interfaces. The more exciting and dynamic your digital platforms, the more visitors will interact and convert to customers.