We Build Pages That Convert Clicks to Customers

A landing page is a single web page that presents prospective customers with key marketing messages to encourage them to enquire or purchase a product or service. When used alongside digital marketing campaigns, landing pages are perfect for delivering cost-effective results and business growth. We track and measure all customer interactions, including the number of visitors, conversions and phone calls.

Streamlined, Conversion-Focused Experiences

We use a tried and tested approach to create a streamlined customer journey. As different campaigns work best with certain types of conversion mechanisms, we have experience in testing several variations. The ingredients to a market-leading landing page can include strong copy, fast performance, an engaging UI/UX theme, and strong call to actions. Once a digital marketing campaign has launched, we continually test and improve to optimise the results further.

Fully Integrated with CRMs

We know that handling large volumes of new business is certainly no mean feat, which is why we always integrate our landing pages with a wide range of CRM systems. All new leads will automatically flow into a CRM database, allowing your sales team to manage each lead with pristine effectiveness. Whether using a major platform like Salesforce or developing a bespoke solution, our technical team will ensure a smooth and reliable integration.

Built on Decades of Experience

Our marketing team holds vast amounts of experience in running hundreds of digital campaigns across many different sectors. With excellent insight into how to deliver the most effective and strongest performing landing pages, we fuse creativity with proven principles to generate exceptional results for your business. This deep level of experience puts us in the best position to craft pages that will deliver time and time again.

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Why Activate?

Built For Conversions

Landing pages are business generation machines and therefore should be built to deliver the best conversion rate possible. We focus on this aspect at every stage of the process, so rest assured that we'll do everything we can to achieve maximum ROI for your business.

Creative Excellence

Our creative team has worked for major brands and shown capability in delivering world-class digital UI and UX projects time after time. We have a reputation for creating modern, engaging and trendsetting work that stands the test of time.

Wide Industry Experience

Our experienced agency boasts a web design and development portfolio that spans industry sectors across the globe. We hold the expertise required to deliver exceptional solutions, and we love working with our clients to do just that. Let's get started...

Ongoing Support

We view the launch of a new landing page and digital campaign as the first step on the journey to digital marketing success and business growth. Activate works with clients on an ongoing basis to improve and refine landing pages and campaigns for optimal results.

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