PowerGym Fitness manufactures high-end gym equipment specifically for commercial gyms and fitness centres. The company is also the UK's top-ranking specialist in gym installations.

The Objective

PowerGym asked us to design and develop a brand new e-commerce website that would replace their fast-ageing existing site. Our primary goal was to create a visually impressive and distinctive sales platform to sell PowerGym’s expanding product range while also increasing traffic through organic search and improving conversion rates. The client wanted to rapidly grow their business in the digital world.

Web & UX/UI

New eCommerce Platform

We designed a new and effective e-commerce platform from the ground up to boost sales and enhance the user experience. A unique and modern design approach resulted in the website incorporating a bold, abstract and mould-breaking style to help it stand out in a crowded market. Offering customer-focused functionality, such as product colour selections and built-in retail finance options, the site provides a smooth and intuitive e-commerce experience. The website's backend is fully integrated with order fulfilment and finance systems to ensure customers enjoy a superb ordering process with a choice of different payment options.

Abstract UI/UX

Websites with an old style often use stacked rows and small containers to present content and functionality. We wanted to create a flowing user interface with overlapping elements and the latest abstract design trends. This work resulted in a fresh and unique online platform enhanced by overlaid sparks and creative effects. From landing on the website to purchasing a product, the abstract path we've taken helps keep users highly engaged every step of the way.

Designed for Mobile

In 2020, over 55% of worldwide online traffic came from mobile devices. We designed PowerGym's mobile experience to be just as strong as the site's desktop counterpart. The browsing and purchasing experience is equally slick and intuitive on both smartphone and tablet devices. Conversion rates are typically lower on mobile than desktop, but with this trend expected to shift in years to come, we wanted to make sure that PowerGym’s digital platforms are future-proofed.

Intuitive Navigation

Browsing a large and varied range of products can be a complicated and overwhelming experience for consumers. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for users to find the specific product they desire. Our team achieved this by creating a unique product navigation widget, product filters and visual colour variant selectors. Customers can also use the built-in search bar to search for products across the website, while a dedicated account area allows them to access their order history. Due to a high demand caused by Covid-19, we created an in-stock page to avoid customers missing out on available products.


No.1 Rankings for Product Keywords

Consumers search for fitness products on search engines such as Google millions of times per year. Our primary SEO objective was to ensure PowerGym's products ranked highly to secure more online sales. To achieve this goal, we took a product-by-product approach with our priorities. The client now enjoys top-ranking positions on a suite of products, with rankings improving day after day. Another priority for us was establishing the brand as the UK's leader in gym fit-outs and installations. The client now ranks at number 1 on a national basis for several related keywords such as 'gym installation' and 'gym setup'.

Campaign Highlights

Top 1, 2 & 3 position rankings for hundreds of product keywords
Outranking major e-commerce competitors for selected products
Increase of over 1,871 places on Google
Increase of over 1,663 places on Bing
Over 1.5 million on-site page views
Average session duration of 1:50s
Last updated 15-04-21

Digital Consultancy

Growth Through Digital

We advised the client on the steps required to expand from an e-commerce perspective, and improvements to their brand and aesthetic, both of which are critical elements of their business. This work included implementing a multi-channel sales system to enable PowerGym to sell products directly via their website, eBay and Amazon. We've successfully introduced PowerGym to a large and diverse consumer market that has directly and positively impacted sales. Our team also adopted a strategic approach to search marketing and product prioritisation on the website, focussing on products with high demand and weak competition. The work we conducted led to continual year-on-year sales growth with bright plans for future expansion.


Integrated Selling Platforms:

Building PowerGym an Online Presence, Providing Ongoing eCommerce and Digital Support

Activate listened to our wish of combining professionalism with slickness and they did a superb job with their bold and abstract design choices

We set out to find an agency that understood our requirements, could provide ongoing consultancy and support, and ultimately help us achieve success by selling our fitness products across multiple online platforms. We wanted a fresh and modern e-commerce website cable of expanding a large product range, along with the capability to rapidly grow the business. We required both the desktop and mobile versions to be fully functioning and incorporate the same designs. We also planned for a more engaging user experience through features such as a colour selector, finance options and a live chat system. Activate listened to our wish of combining professionalism with slickness and they did a superb job with their bold and abstract design choices, helping us visually stand out against our competition. We've seen a significant jump in sales since launching and Activate has gone above and beyond to improve the menu navigation and install as many payment methods as feasible. The SEO campaign has resulted in our products reaching more people than ever before. We've even seen big improvements in niche areas where we've wanted to expand, such as gym installation, and the SEO team has been in constant communication with us, providing regular reports and suggesting new ideas. Activate Digital has been an outstanding agency to work with. They've delivered great results so far and continue to provide us with valuable ongoing digital support.

Adam Foster

Director, PowerGym Fitness

Product Range


Rise in Google/Bing


Average Visit Duration

1m 50s

Last updated 15-04-21

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