KMC Seasoning began in a small domestic kitchen and has since emerged as the UK's number one manufacturer of salt and pepper seasoning products.

The Objective

Having built a thriving wholesale business and moved into a purpose-built factory, KMC approached us to turn their product into a household consumer brand. Our goal was to build a robust digital infrastructure, create new photographic and marketing assets, and explore all available sales channels to grow revenue rapidly. KMC currently manufactures 250,000 units per year, and with plans to rapidly increase production both domestically and internationally, we designed a digital strategy to support the client’s ambitions.

Web & UX/UI

New E-Commerce Experience

To start selling directly to consumers, we needed to build an effective e-commerce platform. Our design team combined the latest UI/UX trends with the new media assets we produced to create a vibrant, streamlined and rich e-commerce experience. The website provides an easy and intuitive way for consumers to buy products and offers inspiration on how to use the product with new and exciting recipes. This market-leading e-commerce website has been a core driver of KMC's stellar sales growth.

Creative UI/UX

The new e-commerce website utilises several modern design trends. When we started the project, the goal was to maximise the brand's latest assets and provide an engaging and intuitive buying experience for consumers. We delivered this by creating a bold and abstract layout with overlapping elements and cut out ingredient imagery, creative use of animation as visitors scroll, and rich photographic and video assets against dark backgrounds.

Built For Search

The competitive keyword 'salt and pepper seasoning' receives over 52,000 searches per year on Google. We built the new site with the primary intention of ranking number one nationally for this keyword and other high-volume keywords. By delivering superb performance, technical optimisation and SEO-friendly content, KMC now ranks first for this keyword and many other relevant terms. Optimising the website has been an essential part of building the brand into a clear market leader, outranking major competitor sites including the BBC, Asda and Iceland.

Streamlined Purchasing

A frictionless buying process is the main ingredient for e-commerce success. We designed a custom basket and checkout system that keeps users focused on the buying journey with the least possible distraction. We wanted to avoid cart abandonment and an overcomplicated online ordering process. As a repeat-purchase item, we made it as easy as possible for customers to re-order the product and encouraged them to leave a review via email automation and discount incentives.

Media Assets

New Photographic & Video Assets

We worked with a photography team to organise professional shoots at KMC's factory, a restaurant chain and a dedicated photography studio, allowing us to secure new brand image and video assets for the client. In addition to images of the product being used and photographed next to its core ingredients, we also used green screen technology to create transparent assets to be used on digital platforms.


Dominating National Search

To transform KMC Seasoning into a consumer brand, we turned our attention to the place where prospective customers look for products: organic search. We identified areas of growth above and beyond closely target product keywords such as ‘salt and pepper seasoning’. We also discovered that new customers could be acquired by ranking for highly popular salt and pepper recipes, exposing the client to consumers that had not yet come across the product. Using a toolbox of proven strategies, we quickly achieved first-position rankings across the UK for high-value product and recipe keywords.

Campaign Highlights

No. 1 ranking for 'salt and pepper seasoning' nationally
Outranking competitors including the BBC, Asda and Iceland
Optimised with specialist recipe schema markup
Increase of over 2,038 places on Google
Increase of over 692 places on Bing
Average session duration of 1:15s
Last updated 15-04-21

PPC & Amazon

Sponsored Amazon and PPC Success

Our objective was to achieve maximum visibility on multiple sales channels, not just on Google's organic search results. We launched advertising campaigns across Amazon and Google Ads to position the brand as a dominant figure in search results and on the internet's biggest consumer marketplace. Using the new photoshoot assets, our team ensured that KMC's products appeared visually superior to competitor listings. Over 11 months, we secured 4,051 sales using Amazon and Google Ads, and the client continues to rank no.1 on both platforms.


Integrated Selling Platforms:


Engaging Customer Emails

We advised KMC that using email campaigns to communicate with their rapidly growing customer database would be one of the most effective ways to secure repeat sales and keep the brand front of mind. Our team devised a versatile schedule of email campaigns to keep customers engaged, including product discounts, recipe inspiration and seasonally inspired topics. We also utilised an automated review generating campaign to encourage customers to leave product reviews, helping to build social proof and increase sales further. Our work led to higher volumes of recurring sales and an increase in reviews across all platform.

From wholesale-only to a market leading consumer brand in 12 months

We've been able to achieve more visibility with Activate fully setting us up on Amazon and eBay, which has delivered many thousands of sales

Activate Digital helped turn our wholesale product into a household brand. We had experienced success in the wholesale market but weren't quite sure on how best to market our seasoning directly to consumers. Their team mapped out a strategy for our brand assets, website, email marketing and organic search, helping realise our ambitions. It was our wish to reach a wide audience and develop more ways for growth, including expanding our product range. Activate built us a dynamic e-commerce website where we could sell the product to customers near and wide. They also helped create image assets that presented our products in the best possible way. We've been able to achieve more visibility with Activate fully setting us up on Amazon and eBay, which has delivered many thousands of sales. Thanks to SEO, our website dominates on Google for a range of queries and they have even produced creative recipes and ways for customers to use our seasoning! They've been a delight to work with and we consider the success so far to just be the beginning.

Kishor Vadgama

Director, KMC Seasoning

Units Manufactured


Rise in Google/Bing


Average Visit Duration

1m 15s

Last updated 15-04-21

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