Relevant and Engaging Content

Your brand's official platforms are often the first port of call for customers, whether they want to discover the latest company developments or get in touch directly. It's essential to provide your audience with relevant, engaging and exciting content that places your business at the forefront. We believe content strategies should include a balance of industry news, offers, business insight, and direct interactions to build a trustworthy and compelling brand. We often combine social media management with social ad campaigns to maximise growth.

What We Do

When planning your social media activity, our team will work with you to determine the desired tone of voice and the topics that your prospective customers will find most engaging. We will schedule monthly, weekly or bi-weekly campaign planning calls to map out any topics or promotions you would like to broadcast. Our designers will create stunning visuals to support content, draw in engagement, and entice followers to become customers. We will keep a close eye on competitors to ensure that our activity provides the best possible value.

Types of Social Media Services We Deliver

Social Media

Effective social media management will allow us to broadcast your brand values, industry insight and special offers to a worldwide audience across major channels. We will help you choose the best platform to prioritise based on your specific industry sector.

Social Media

We orchestrate powerful social advertising campaigns that can reach anywhere from thousands to millions of potential customers. Scale is no obstacle for us; our team is here to help you achieve your business growth goals.

Social Media

Captivating visuals can make all the difference between your posts being seen or ignored on social media. Our design team will produce incredible creative assets to promote your products and services and convey your brand values.

Our Approach

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Insight Driven Content

As the voice of your brand, our team will take steps to understand your company and industry. We will work closely with you to gain insight into your history, values and goals, allowing us to incorporate this information into the social content strategy. What, why and how your brand adds value to a person is critical in encouraging social media users to convert to customers. We will follow thought leaders in your sector and use the knowledge we learn to convey your audience's topics of interest.

Benchmarked To Perfection

We will help you remain competitive in your sector by monitoring the accounts of your closest competitors. There are several different factors in a customer's decision-making process, including how potential options compare in terms of social activity. We strive to ensure that your brand engages with its audience more effectively and consistently. Using sophisticated social growth strategies and tools, we will grow your reach, boost followers and increase engagement, ensuring that your brand's presence becomes a competitive advantage.

Content Marketing

Creating informative, enticing and shareable content on a consistent and regular basis is crucial for successful social media management. We work closely with clients to craft engaging content that provides value to the target audience across various social platforms. Our primary goals are to capture attention, offer useful information, and convert social followers into customers.

Tone Of Voice

Our team will ensure that the tone of voice for your social content matches your brand and industry. We communicate with your audience in the most appropriate manner and style, from injecting personality into consumer brands to conveying intense industry knowledge for B2B companies. Broadcasting your brand’s personality through social media is a critical element. Our team uses humour, cultural references and memes where appropriate to relay your company’s character to the best of our ability.

Why Activate?

Cross-Platform Experience

We've worked with all major social media platforms in various sectors, from aviation to consumer food brands. Our team knows how to maximise engagement and reach to get the best value out of each channel. You can trust us to be the online voice for your brand.

Creative Strategies

The success of any social media strategy relies on the ability to engage your audience creatively. We use a creative approach at every turn to bring your brand to life, from reposting customer content to sharing popular memes.

Scheduled to Perfection

Timing is a critical factor behind social media success. We use a combination of regular meetings and advanced tools to plan ahead, allowing us to schedule posts at optimal times for maximum engagement. Rest assured that your profiles will run like clockwork.