iDuct is a new single-source supplier and manufacturer of ducting solutions in the UK. The company provides ducting products and systems to fulfil all of a customer's needs, regardless of the scope of the project or its prerequisites.

The Objective

The primary goal was to create a website that offers a seamless experience to users, allowing them to configure complex ducting orders. Additionally, iDuct uses cutting-edge equipment and processes; therefore, it needed to promote itself through a modern site aligned with its ethos. That's why Activate Digital created a new, contemporary website with an intuitive interface that highlights the sophistication and uniqueness of the company's approach.

Web & UX/UI

Challenging the status quo

Activate Digital devised an entire strategy to position iDuct as a market leader. It comprised researching competitors to identify opportunities and designing better UX for customer order processes. Our holistic approach resulted in a website that captures the audience's attention and guides visitors around the page via intuitive navigation and a robust colour palette. It also increases functionality with a cohesive card design, showcases professionalism and conveys trust.

Enhanced user experience

The iDuct catalogue is vast, and visitors must find the product they need as fast as possible, so an e-commerce design style was ideal. However, the site needed to be lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, and responsive on any platform. We achieved this by using plenty of white space that acts as a buffer between all on-page elements.

Increased conversions

We focused on streamlining the website to produce a user-friendly experience that allows users to discover their perfect solution. We utilised slick and easy-to-use navigation and logical progression comprising a category, subcategory and product hierarchy system. The website is now far more accessible for customers to reach their goal, whether searching by product, industry or service.

Flawless coding

The most important aspect of a flawless website is not visible to the untrained eye. Our team developed clean backend code to make the iDuct website easier to navigate and maintain. We also invested in first-class plugins for creating an unrivalled buyer experience.

Results-driven SEO

An unrivalled UX meets optimised SEO

We incorporated many SEO-boosting elements into the design and backend coding of pages and posts. The website takes advantage of many SEO-friendly features, including meta tags, title tags, heading tags, and other HTML coding, to ensure it ascends the ranks of search engines. Everything was optimised to be relevant to iDuct's audience. Besides featuring high-ranking keywords all over, the site also has enhanced loading time. We achieved it by using an array of techniques, including reducing HTTP requests in Google Chrome's Developer Tools, optimising photos, and enabling compression so files will be lighter and faster to load.

Campaign Highlights

Researched 10+ competitors.
Optimised all pages for SEO.
Set up e-commerce analytics.
Created meta-titles and meta-descriptions.
A bespoke e-commerce system was developed.
Last updated 13-01-23

iDuct's new website stands out through its seamless UX coupled with the most effective SEO strategies

They delivered a product that is completely aligned with our brand, and their SEO team relentlessly works to generate leads and results

Activate Digital came highly recommended by one of our customers and we got in touch with them with the hope of creating a modern website. What we received exceeded what we were expecting. They delivered a product that is completely aligned with our brand, and their SEO team relentlessly works to generate leads and results. It is not just a brand new website; it's a new way of working with a marketing agency to acquire customers.

Jonathan Wheat

Marketing Manager, iDuct - LEV Group

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Last updated 13-01-23

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