Our Cost Per Lead Model

As a specialist UK lead generation agency, we provide an end-to-end lead generation service that harnesses the power of social media and search platforms. This service allows us to reach millions of potential customers and generate high-quality new business leads. Our model allows us to fix the cost of each lead so you can decide your rate of growth, efficiently manage your marketing spend and calculate your return on investment.

  • We deliver cost-effective leads that convert
  • Proven track record across diverse sectors
  • Flexible pay per lead campaigns to suit you
  • Dedicated team of lead generation experts

Let's Grow Together

We believe in quality first and quantity second. After working with you and your sales team to assess the initial lead quality, we use our expertise to scale up campaigns quickly. Our team is experienced at running campaigns across multiple platforms to achieve large lead volumes. We continually monitor and improve campaigns to deliver the best results and will provide you with transparent reporting. With a complete CRM integration, your sales team can focus on sales, not data entry.

Types of Lead Generation We Deliver

Cost Per Lead Campaigns

Campaigns based on a cost-per-lead model are powerful and scalable, and run across a range of social, search and ad network platforms. Just choose your rate of growth, and let’s get started.

Social Media Campaigns

We use the popularity of social networking channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Reddit to attain new customers for your business. Having run hundreds of campaigns, our UK lead generation agency hold vast amounts of experience with each platform.

Search Campaigns

Our search campaigns are highly effective at delivering exceptional quality leads based on your customer profile. With engaging ads, we will target an audience that is looking for your specific products or services.

Ad Network Campaigns

We use native advertising platforms such as Taboola, Outbrain and Google to display adverts to vast audiences via substantial media websites. This type of pay per lead generation is highly effective for running large scale consumer-focussed campaigns.

Platforms We Use

We specialise in using the most powerful and effective ad platforms to achieve success, including the following top four


With a whopping 330 million monthly active users, Twitter has emerged as one of the largest social platforms on the web for people to stay up-to-date on the latest and biggest news and events, making it an ideal place to showcase your business. We have run several campaigns on the platform across multiple sectors, allowing us to reach millions of users. We use a combination of campaign objectives, highly-targeted audience profiles, and ad formats to deliver a campaign that suits your business best.


There should be no doubting that this is the internet's largest networking website. Facebook makes most of its revenue from advertising, positioning itself as a critical platform for brands looking to market their business. We've run countless campaigns on Facebook with various optimisation methods such as Link Clicks and Conversions. We use the platform's sophisticated targeting options to reach the right audience. Our team always tests different ads to identify what works best and continually optimises where needed.


Instagram is a photo and video sharing service most commonly used by a younger demographic. The platform is increasingly surfacing as a compelling opportunity for brands. Having been purchased by Facebook in 2012, the two share many of the same advertising options. When running an Instagram campaign, we tailor our work to the platform itself, taking into account the younger audience profile. We recognise the importance of visual content and creating compelling imagery that attracts prospective customers.

Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most powerful advertising platforms that you can use to generate leads for your business. Using a pay-per-click pricing model, Google Ads serves advertisements to prospective customers searching for specific keywords. This layer of targeting is highly effective in driving high-quality leads to your business. We use a range of campaign formats, including search, shopping and display networks. Our PPC team will identify relevant but cost-effective keywords and create engaging ads that attract interest.

Why Activate?

Fixed Cost Per Lead Model That Suits You

As one of the finest pay per lead generation companies in the UK, we use a multi-stage approach, enabling us to determine and set a fixed cost per lead. Using this model, you can decide how many leads you'd like to generate, and our team will make it happen.

Vast Experience in Lead Generation

Our team consists of digital marketers, designers, developers and account managers who will work with you to identify your target market, set up your campaign, create all required assets, and provide ongoing management of your lead generation campaign.

Our Partnership Approach

We align our commercial objectives with your objectives so that both parties are working towards the same goal. What you want to achieve with lead generation, we want to achieve. This partnership approach keeps everyone focused on delivering outstanding results and building new business.

Crafting Bespoke Landing Page Assets

Every lead generation campaign requires compelling creatives that will attract and convert. Our design team uses modern principles to create bespoke landing page assets that are built for conversions. We have a proven track record in using engaging creative assets to generate qualified leads.

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