TK Property Group is a leading property investment specialist in the UK with over 25 years of experience in the residential market, both as consultants and private investors.

The Objective

TK Property Group approached us with a unique challenge to market an extensive stock of new-build residential properties to domestic and overseas buyers. The client’s goal was to target investors across digital channels and to engage their existing customer base through compelling email campaigns. We formulated a complete digital strategy, starting with creating a state-of-the-art website alongside highly effective landing pages. Our team then achieved sales growth by delivering multi-channel lead generation campaigns spanning PPC, SEO, email marketing and native paid social.

Web & UX/UI

The New Website

The property market is a sophisticated sector for digital activity, especially as most developers and sales agents boast elegant websites. We wanted to push the boundaries even further for our client. To utilise the vibrant CGI imagery of each development to maximum effect, our design team crafted a full-width image grid combined with slick animations and hover effects. This design choice allowed us to display visual assets at their maximum possible size while generating an engaging experience for users. We integrated a TrustPilot reviews feed to build confidence among new visitors and maximised conversion rates with strategically placed call to actions. Our work resulted in a highly comprehensive, engaging and fast-performing website that successfully promotes some of the UK’s most exciting new-build developments to investors across the world.

Landing Pages That Convert

A successful digital marketing campaign is not possible without the creation of strong landing pages that guarantee results. We scientifically crafted a diverse suite of landing pages with varying layouts and graphical styles to promote several developments. Our PPC and lead generation teams then established a network of hundreds of landing pages for active advertising campaigns. With prominent CTAs, distraction-free navigation and compelling video content, the landing pages have consistently delivered excellent lead volumes across the board. We ensured repeat success thanks to our extensive knowledge of the property sector combined with a scientific understanding of user interaction and what makes a landing page effective.


Engaging Email Campaigns

TK Property initially started with a small database of existing customers, but we built up the internal lead database considerably with successful advertising campaigns. With a growing audience, we used a rotation of attractive email campaigns to engage the database regularly. To provide value to the email subscribers, we orchestrated a campaign content schedule focussed on developments, locations and general advice. Our project management team ensured that the audience benefited from a revolving schedule that nurtured interest and provided helpful information. Not only did the campaigns generate sales enquiries, but they also kept the brand front of mind and demonstrated the client’s efforts to add value to its customers. Our design team used their deep knowledge of email marketing to craft stunning creatives that convert email opens into leads like clockwork.

Development Campaigns

Using strong visual assets, including interior, exterior, and impressive CGI shots, we forged campaigns that embodied each development's look, feel, and character. We combined visually stunning layouts with clear USPs, thoroughly researched copy and strategically placed CTAs to produce campaigns that delivered excellent volumes of new sales time after time.

Location Campaigns

As the famous saying goes, one of the most crucial things in the property sector is 'location, location, location'. We set out to create an email schedule based on campaigns that delved into the unique facets of some of the UK's most exciting cities. By combining strong city imagery with insightful economic and market trend data, we successfully provided the audience with a glimpse into different cities and geographical regions, allowing us to generate substantial volumes of inbound sales enquiries.

Advice & Guidance Campaigns

It should go without saying that a vital part of any successful email marketing strategy is to provide free and valuable information to the audience. This approach demonstrates the brand's commitment to its customers and successfully punctuates a schedule of sales-focused campaigns. We created free and downloadable resources for TK Property's customers, which were contextually linked to the client's commercial goals without asking for anything in return from the user. Our strategy helped to maintain excellent engagement and responsiveness from the email database.


Targeting Buyers with Search Intent

Our pay-per-click team identified the best opportunities for targeting potential buyers and delivering rapid growth for TK Property. We focussed on serving ads to investors searching for specific property developments on the Google and Bing search engines. We would then actively retarget these potential buyers through display ads, helping us to yield pre-qualified leads at excellent cost-per-acquisitions. In line with success, we scaled campaigns up nationally and internationally to deliver consistently strong lead volumes at a highly profitable CPA. Our PPC manager continually optimises and refines a vast infrastructure of campaigns to improve results further.

Lead Generation

Powerful Native Social Ad Campaigns

The client had a particular segment of the market in mind when it came to who they wanted to target. We utilised powerful social media advertising tools on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to reach that demographic, achieving over 6 million impressions across unique development-specific and branded campaigns. The campaigns resulted in a consistently strong volume of leads on an international scale which helped fuel TK Property’s rapid growth.

Social Ad Campaign Impressions

6.4 mil

Google & Bing Campaigns Clicks


Average Visit Duration

2m 21s

Last updated 15-04-21

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