Auto Extract Systems has become an industry-leading hazardous materials extraction specialist. This company provides the very best-in-class services for LEV design, installation, maintenance and certification.

The Objective

Auto Extract Systems approached us to map out the future of their digital growth. The starting point for us was to modernise their existing website, which had served its purpose and now suffered from poor performance, outdated UI/UX principles and overly complicated on-site navigation. The client wanted to deliver a more engaging user experience while targeting prospective customers at different stages of the buying journey. Following the development of the new website, the client asked us to assess their current search engine rankings and grow inbound traffic through organic search.

Web & UX/UI

A Totally Refreshed B2B Website

We wanted to set Auto Extract apart from the competition, so we identified unique opportunities for differentiating the new website. We used engaging video backgrounds to capture the user’s attention and abstract and overlapping elements to create a modern look and feel. Our design team opted for cut-out imagery instead of standard image assets and utilised custom iconography to reinforce the brand. We improved the navigation structure to help users find the products they’re interested in much quicker. Fundamentally, we wanted to improve the website’s commercial results, which is why we implemented new and improved conversion mechanisms for generating more inbound leads. Our work resulted in a brand new modern website that substantially outperforms its predecessor in every aspect.

Supercharging On-Site Conversions

There are multiple ways in which a website visitor can convert into a lead. Some users prefer to submit contact forms and download free guides, while others prefer to communicate via live chat and book a consultation. We focused on building a website that catered to different types of users and matched the most suitable conversion mechanism to each product and service. The website now guarantees a seamless sales journey regardless of their user's preference or their stage in the cycle. Auto Extract has seen a substantial increase in conversions as a result of the new website.

Simplifying the Product Catalogue

Previously, Auto Extract’s sprawling menu navigation for its catalogue of products and services was challenging to navigate, making it difficult for customers to identify the right solution for their needs. We focused on streamlining the website to produce a user-friendly experience that allows users to discover their perfect solution. We utilised slick and easy-to-use navigation and logical progression comprising a category, subcategory and product hierarchy system. The website is now far more accessible for customers to reach their goal, whether searching by product, industry or service.

Modernising the Design Language

Our design team applied their extensive knowledge of modern UI/UX trends to break free from the old website's linear and static layouts, helping to form a visually impactful, abstract and engaging interface. We chose elements of varying sizes to direct the user's attention, classy animations to create an interactive feel, and textured background elements to forge a sense of depth. These design choices guided us towards a website that is pleasing to look at and intuitive to use. In comparison, competitor websites appear static and outdated. We achieved our goal of establishing Auto Extract as a clear market leader and future-proofing their brand for years to come.

Digital Consultancy

Planning Digital Growth

The launch of the new website was just the beginning of the brand's online growth. Our SEO team continues to work with Auto Extract's marketing department to improve the site's organic rankings and acquire more customers. Building on an already solid portfolio of high-ranking keywords, we focus on actively increasing current positions, building inbound traffic and growing new business leads on a national level. Our design and development teams continually improve and optimise the website to boost performance, ensuring that the client remains ahead of the game.

A stunning user interface and compelling call to actions is what sets Auto Extract ahead of its competition

I've enjoyed working with the SEO team to grow online traffic and business in key market verticals

After seeing the great work they have previously delivered for other businesses, we approached Activate Digital to firstly, transform our website, and secondly, enhance our digital marketing strategy. We had the complex challenge of presenting hundreds of pages of information to our customers in an intuitive and engaging way. Activate's creative team delivered a world-class solution. I've enjoyed working with the agency's SEO team to grow online traffic and business in key market verticals. They've taken the time to understand our complex product range and services, and I feel like I can come to them with any queries and requirements as they arise.

Gary Warner

Marketing Manager, Auto Extract Systems

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Last updated 20-04-21

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