Amanzzo has a unique mission to combat rising ocean pollution by transforming bottles and fishing nets into luxury swimwear. They are one of the world's first fully sustainable swimwear brands and were recently featured in Vogue magazine.

The Objective

Amanzzo's mission is to help save ocean wildlife with an eco-friendly approach to fashion. Working with the client from the early stages when product concepts were in development, our mission was to bring the brand to life in the digital space. Our creative team identified the unique challenges of excelling in the competitive world of e-commerce fashion and sought to craft a website matching the client's huge ambitions. We set out to build an effective e-commerce platform that would work alongside a combined search, social and retargeting digital marketing strategy, helping to position the brand for online growth.

Web & UX/UI

Elegant eCommerce

The creative team at Activate embarked on the project by infusing Amanzzo’s luxury aesthetic and sustainability vision into a dynamic e-commerce platform. We aimed to conceive a seamless purchasing journey as well as to present attractive and high-end visuals. Our designers opted for a generous and impactful layout that showcases the client’s product photography while delivering an engaging experience across devices. Combining a natural colour palette with compelling video elements, we broadcasted the brand’s mission to a global audience in a way that fits.

Brand Storytelling

We wanted to make sure that Amanzzo's mission was stamped on the project, quite literally! Our team designed a 'from the sea, for the sea' visual motto used throughout the website, helping to convey the brand's sustainability goals creatively. We used bold typography to draw attention to poignant ocean pollution statistics without disrupting the user's buying journey. By implementing an interactive bottle counter highlighting how many recycled bottles have transformed into products, we furthered engage the user with the client's ethos.

Creative UI/UX

As an ocean-focused brand, it was essential that the UI/UX of the Amanzzo website incorporated an organic and natural look and feel. We also wanted to utilise a clean design language that would reflect the luxurious nature of the client's products. Using bold splashes of colour, abstract elements, elegant functionality and a highly modern structure, we developed an experience that follows established e-commerce conventions while conveying the brand's character. Our work resulted in a website that stands out as a unique digital experience in a crowded e-commerce landscape.

Impactful Video

A survey by OptinMonster suggests that over 72% of consumers would prefer to learn about a product or service via video. We used video content extensively to express the story of Amanzzo, showcase the brand's products and provide the website with a living and breathing aura. From gentle and soothing waves on the homepage to impactful environmentally-focused assets on the sustainability page, we wanted to capture the user's attention at every turn. Our team is also working with the client to produce a 2-minute origins video that will delve into the brand's backstory and how it intends to combat humanity's destructive impact on the oceans.


Frictionless Purchasing

Launching a brand new e-commerce website is just the start of the journey towards building an online shopping experience that effortlessly converts visitors into customers. Our team designed a slick and easy-to-use product selection and checkout process. The purchasing journey is analysed, improved and tested over time to ensure visitors can smoothly and effortlessly purchase a product regardless of device.

we were made up with the website's eye-catching aesthetics and how they managed to mix modern e-commerce elements with an ocean theme

At Amanzzo, we believe that it's entirely possible to combine luxury swimwear with sustainable fashion. This eco-friendly approach has been our commitment from day one. To help us market our mission and products to an online audience, we approached Activate Digital during the early stages. We needed a website that would tell our story and at the same time allow us to sell our stock. The team kept us updated throughout the process and were highly collaborative, taking on board our suggestions and requirements. In the end, we were made up with the website's eye-catching aesthetics and how they managed to mix modern e-commerce elements with an ocean theme that fits the brand. We were also delighted that they ensured a smooth process for potential customers with simple product variations and a quick checkout system. We are now working with Activate on a range of digital campaigns and are excited to see how we can introduce Amanzzo to more consumers.

Lanre Calder

Product Assistant, Amanzzo

Helping to bring to life an all-new menswear brand dedicated to sustainability

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