AM1 Motors

AM1 are a boutique finance company that specialise in several key finance sectors including automotive, bridging and commercial finance. 

The Objective

The client wanted to run national campaigns to acquire new car purchasing and leasing leads, with the objective of running trial campaigns across multiple platforms and then scaling the campaigns up to achieve high lead volumes.

So we delivered...

Lead Generation Campaigns

The client had a very specific segment of the market in mind when it came to who they wanted to target. We used social media advertising to reach that demographic, targeting more than 3 million people on social media with unique car promotions to secure a high volume of leads. The result was a high volume of leads across the UK and lots of new business for the client. 

AM1 Motors
AM1 Motors

Landing Page Development

We built a range of product-focused landing pages, integrated with the automotive sector's CRM of choice, Dealtrak. All the pages were mobile-ready, tailored to the demographic and utilised specific car deals and their statistics to appeal to the target demographic. The result? Excellent conversion rates. 

AM1 Motors

Project Summary

The Activity

  • We prepared a full lead generation strategy
  • We crafted carefully targeted marketing copy and visual assets
  • We integrated a network of landing pages with the automotive-grade CRM, Dealtrak
  • We launched lead generation campaigns across Facebook, Twitter and Google

The Results

  • A high volume of leads were generated for specific services
  • The campaigns reached people throughout the UK across multiple socio-economic profiles
  • Cost per lead results were improved over time

Skills we used

  • Lead Generation
  • Web Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Brochure Design
  • PPC

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