The days when business would be done during a coffee break are not yet gone.

However, as companies shift towards digitisation, online interactions become increasingly crucial for acquiring new customers. Unfortunately, this convenience comes with the risk of fraud, money laundering and even terrorist financing. As a result, it is critical to have a thorough KYC process in place. That’s why working with a lead generation agency that uses KYC-oriented software is paramount.

What is KYC?

KYC – which stands for “Know Your Customer” – is a process used by companies to verify the identity of their clients and assess the risks of their business relationships. KYC is heavily used by financial institutions, but it is also an essential process for non-financial businesses like lead generation agencies, e-commerce websites, law firms and social media platforms. The KYC process typically involves collecting and verifying personal information such as name, address and date of birth, as well as documentation like a government-issued ID or passport.

In what ways does KYC matter?

Compliance with regulations

KYC is a legal requirement in many jurisdictions worldwide, including the United Kingdom and the European Union. Regulators require businesses to have an effective KYC process in place to prevent money laundering and other financial crimes.

Mitigating risk

KYC helps companies assess the risk associated with their clients, preventing financial losses and reputational damage. By verifying the identity of their clients, corporations can mitigate potential risks and safeguard their economic interests.

Building Trust

By implementing a rigorous KYC process, businesses and lead generation agencies can demonstrate their commitment to compliance, security and transparency. This helps build trust with clients, investors and regulators, enhancing the business’s reputation and improving its long-term prospects.

How Can Activate Digital Help?

Activate Digital, a lead generation agency based in Liverpool, understands the importance of the KYC process and can help businesses establish a robust KYC procedure that meets their specific needs. We aim to streamline the process of conducting deep KYC background checks on individuals and companies.

The main advantages are:


We will improve your KYC process, allowing quick and efficient analysis of large data volumes and enabling immediate processing. We reduce the need for manual intervention and ensure that businesses can swiftly onboard customers without compromising compliance. This is particularly beneficial for companies that need to process a high volume of KYC applications or operate in fast-paced industries where time is of the essence.


Our KYC process allows businesses to move resources away from time-consuming, mechanical methods such as searching and reading documents. These tasks are often repetitive, leading to errors and inefficiencies.

Businesses can redirect valuable time and resources towards more productive tasks by allowing us to handle the KYC process. Instead of wasting time checking IDs and performing manual tasks, your employees can focus on providing the service that the client needs.

This shift in focus increases productivity and improves the overall customer experience. Businesses can provide a more efficient and streamlined onboarding process for their clients.

Get in touch with us if your company:

  • Wants to generate more leads without managing high volumes of personal data.
  • Knows the potential impact of non-compliance on its reputation.
  • Needs to streamline this very laborious procedure and significantly reduce or eliminate possible failure points.
  • Wants to avoid asking questions that customers might consider intrusive. Since our approach is easily understandable, users comprehend the importance of providing the required information.

Our unrivalled experience

Activate Digital offers a comprehensive lead generation solution that utilises the strengths of social media and digital search platforms. By running an efficient lead generation strategy, Activate Digital can connect with numerous prospective customers and gather top-notch leads to benefit your business.

This lead generation agency has partnered with law firms on various legal campaigns, delivering numerous high-quality leads at a low cost. We’ve provided campaigns that have covered many cases, including personal injury claims, the diesel emissions scandal, deposit recovery, and Plevin claims. Our experience in consumer finance includes equity release, pensions, flight delays, and mis-sold PPI and car finance. We’ve also utilised different advertising platforms to yield cost-effective results for several investment firms.

Now it’s your turn to partner with a successful lead generation agency. Start generating high-quality, regulatory-compliant leads today. Get in touch with our team.