Valentine’s Day is an important date on the calendar for businesses, but what do people search for? Find out with our latest Google search trends article…

It’s that time of the year when love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is the first big date that people turn their attention to following Christmas. In fact, you might have started to see shops promoting the occasion as soon as the Christmas decorations were brought down. While Valentine’s Day can be a controversial topic (you should spoil your soulmate all year round, after all!), there’s nothing wrong with a special day to commemorate your love on an extra level.

With all that said, there’s no doubt that Valentine’s Day is a perfect commercial opportunity for businesses. Spending for Valentine’s Day has gone up each year which is a significant sign that people are more than eager to show their love for one another. While a lot of people may continue to tread the line and panic buy a last-minute gift on the 13th (good luck doing that this year on a Sunday…), a lot of consumers see the benefit in planning ahead. The desire to plan provides businesses with the ammunition to jump on the bandwagon and run a tie-in campaign to help boost sales.

So what are people searching on Google in the United Kingdom in the run-up to Valentine’s Day, and at which point does the average monthly search increase? Keep reading to find out…

UK Google Trends for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Trends on Google UK

‘valentine’s day’ – So let’s start with the big one! This keyword receives a whopping 368,000 average monthly searches in the UK alone. Anyone who uses this query is clearly looking for information about this specific occasion and nothing else. In 2021, interest in this keyword began to increase in January with 450,000 searches. It’s no surprise that February saw the biggest month with 4,090,000 total searches, 3,246,441 of which came from a mobile device. The total figure is down from 5 million in February 2020, which is perhaps due to the effects of Covid-19. The queries drop significantly in March before slowly rising again from August onwards.

‘gifts for her’ / ‘gifts for him’ – The ‘gifts for him/her’ combination is a popular broad keyword for discovering a range of product items without honing in on a particular type. The ‘her’ version of the keyword received around 110,000 searches in January and February 2021, surprisingly showing no signs of a Valentine’s Day spike. In comparison, November and December saw the biggest increases, likely as a result of people preparing for Christmas.

‘roses’ – Now we get on to the more specific queries! Roses symbolise love and romance and are therefore a highly popular Valentine’s gift. As the above graph shows, there is clearly a significant increase in search queries in February, likely brought on by Valentine’s Day. Roses receives an average monthly search volume of 135,000 and 246,000 were made in February 2021 alone.

‘flowers’ – Continuing on from the previous keyword, a lot of women love flowers as gifts! This is a broader term than ‘roses’ with an average monthly volume of 450,000 but shows the same pattern of interest increasing in the first few months of the year. In February 2021, there were 673,000 searches in the UK. This figure seems to remain consistent going into March, likely due to Mother’s Day, before tailing off to around 368,000.

‘rose bears’ – Other than ‘valentine’s day’ specifically, this keyword is heavily impacted by the occasion, as the above graph shows. The query combines the romantic symbolism of a rose with an adorable teddy bear, another favourite gift among women. The keyword receives around 18,100 searches per month but begins to suddenly increase in January. In February 2021, there were 74,000 searches. Of these total searches, 68,382 occurred on a mobile device, further highlighting the importance of embracing a mobile-first approach.

‘chocolate strawberries’ – Near enough everyone loves chocolate as a gift! However, there’s just something about chocolate-covered strawberries that is extra special. This delicacy is especially common around Valentine’s Day with around 22,200 searches in February 2021, the biggest month of the whole year.

‘galentine’s gifts’ – Of course, we can’t forget about Galentine’s Day! This occasion is marked on the 13th and has really only taken off in recent years. Rather than a romantic relationship, this day celebrates the love that female friends have for each other. This keyword generally receives no volume until January comes around. In February 2021, there were 390 searches.

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