A little known fact amongst the general public is that search engines can be incredibly powerful tools when harnessed correctly, one method of getting the most out of a search engine is search functions. The great thing about search functions with Google searches is that they can be used to help you find exactly what you are after and exclude everything else you don’t need to see. Here are some of the most helpful ones you will need to know and how to use them to truly get the most out of your Google searches.

Exact Phrase Match: “”

With the exact phrase match, the search engine will only take into account your exact query, allowing you to search for a specific word or phrase e.g. “affiliate marketing liverpool” this will yield only search engine results that mention “affiliate marketing liverpool” exactly somewhere on the page or meta tags.

Exclude a word: –

When you are searching for a query that often includes irrelevant data or results you are not interested in you can simply exclude words from your results by including a dash before the excluded word.

Site Specific Search: Site:

The specific site search function is incredibly handy for research and finding things on one specific website site this is ideal for checking a specific source and works even better when used in conjunction with an exact phrase. Just insert site: followed by your selected domain and query as soon below.

Numeric Ranges: ..

With the numeric range you can search for results from a certain date range, this is an incredibly useful tool when looking for specific date in amongst countless irrelevant results. Simply type your query with with dates set as a numeric range below:


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